Naturalic Pure Lavender Essential Oil 10ml for Aromatherapy, Massage & Aroma Diffusers (Natural Organic Pure)

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  • 100% Pure And Natural Lavender Essential Oil: Extracted From The Fresh Flowers Of Lavender Plant Through The Process Of Steam Distillation Extraction Method, Lavender Essential Oil Is A Much-Praised Natural Oil For Use Over Skin And Hair. Only One Ingredient - 100% Natural Lavandula Angustifolia Flowers
  • Helpful In Bringing Calmness: The Offered Diffuser-Ready Lavender Oil Has An Aroma That Promotes Calmness In The Mind. The Natural Warmth And Clarifying Aroma Of Lavender Help To Bring The Deepest And Most Restful Sleep Ever. It Is Considered The Best For Use With Aroma Diffuser And Also In Massage Therapy
  • Ultimate Choice For Skin And Hair: The Antibacterial Nature Of Lavender Oil Helps To Maintain A Healthy State Of Skin And Hair. Just Add 3-4 Drops Of This Oil In Your Regular Cream Or Moisturizer And Apply Thoroughly Over The Skin.
  • Just Dilute 4-5 Drops Of Lavender Oil In A Suitable Carrier Oil Like Argan, Coconut Or Almond And Massage Thoroughly Over The Skin, Muscles And Joints To Attain A Relaxed Feel All Day Long. You Can Be Assured That You Will Get Only 100% Pure, Natural And Undiluted Lavender Oil.
  • Also Recommended To Mix A Drop Or Two With Regular Hair Oil For Silky, Shiny, Smooth And Stronger Hair. The Best-Ever Massage Oil: Those Who Are Looking For A Sensual Massage Oil That Can Help To Sooth Muscles Can Rely On The Natural Warmth And Aroma Of This Oil.